G.M. Buck Pipe Organs

Mission: To provide customers with Top Quality Pipe Organ Restorations, New and Pre-Owned Pipe Organs and Tuning and Maintenance Services.

As a custom pipe organ company, there are 3 main areas of focus:

1. Restoration and Rebuilding of Existing Instruments 
  • Complete "museum" restorations, preserving the  integrity and value of historic instruments.
  • Update existing organs with new digital relays, combination actions and full MIDI capabilities.
  • Install additional pipe ranks as well as digital organ voices.

2. Design, Building and Installation of New Instruments
  • Work closely with architects, church planning and music ministry groups - to design, build and install both traditional and innovative pipe organs.

3. Tuning, Voicing and Servicing
  • Annually renewable Service and Maintenance Agreements with a large number of customers in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.​
GM Buck Pipe Organs  
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